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Photocopier leases, photocopier hire, photocopier management

Photocopying is still the cheapest and easiest way to create copies of documentation, and images. That being said there is still a lot to consider, but we are available to help guide you through the murky waters. As such we have broken this page down to help highlight what we can do for you, but also what you need to consider before beginning a lease agreement.

Office photocopiers – Find the best device for your business

This is a very ambiguous area, as there are several factors that determine what the best copier is for your businesses needs. To help we have created a recommended list of considerations for you to take into account before selecting your photocopier. 

  • Number of photocopier machines needed
  • Black and white or colour printing
  • Printing speed 
  • Functionality 
  • Email and fax options 
  • Connectivity 
  • Double-sided / duplex printing 
  • Network printing 
  • Automatic paper feeder
  • The volume of printing you will be doing

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Or Rent A Photocopier?

Ultimately the varying factor that you need to consider as having the largest influence on the overall price for your photocopier leasing agreement is the volume of printing you do and need available to you. Photocopiers are designed for different purposes, because of this, the volume of printing can alter the machine recommended to you. Therefore we have split volume boundaries up into three categories for you to consider; high, medium and low. 

As a guide, we have broken down our definitions of the printing volumes to help further illustrate what we at DMC Media solutions consider low, medium and high printing volumes, once this factor is determined it is simply a question of whether you print solely in black and white or colour, as this can alter the cost.

Low Volume – 1 – 9,999 

Medium Volume – 10,000 – 29,999 

High Volume – 30,000 +

How does photocopier management work?

As a business DMC Media Solutions, offer our expertise to assist your business achieve its goals for internal and external purposes. We always look for cost-effective solutions, whilst simultaneously maintaining high quality so that you can get the best quality at the best price. Some of the benefits of our services include:

Recycling – We collect all the used toner and ink cartridges you have used in order to recycle the material. This is highly beneficial not only for the environment, but also a great contributor to your corporate social responsibility (CSR) scheme. 

Cost-effectiveness – Thanks to our monthly payment plan for the equipment you leased, you get regular maintenance, servicing and call-out services all included. 

Unlimited Toner and Ink Cartridges – As part of the monthly plan you will not have to worry about ink and toner running low we simply provide them as and when they reach a certain level so that you do not have any interruptions. 

Unlimited callout – Equipment can malfunction or sometimes a simple misunderstanding of proper use and cause a break. But we are on-hand to get things up and running thanks to our team of engineers. 

What type of photocopier can I lease?

We have a large variety of photocopiers available to lease. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. To help we have broken down the photocopier options available:

  • Black and white (mono) photocopiers 
  • Colour photocopiers
  • Desktop photocopiers
  • A3 photocopiers
  • Digital photocopiers
  • Office photocopiers
  • Network photocopiers
  • High volume photocopiers
  • Combi photocopiers

As with any decision you would be prudent to weigh up the pros and cons, to determine whether-or-not leasing or hiring is the right decision for you. To help we have broken down the advantages and disadvantages of leasing a photocopier for your business.

Advantages of leasing a photocopier

  • Set up as an affordable monthly payment plan, over a set period
  • Choose from a variety of options, to get the right machine for your business needs
  • Each monthly installment covers general maintenance and servicing when needed 
  • Each monthly installment covers the cost of replacement toners, and parts when needed
  • Easy to upgrade or downsize
  • No upfront payment and cost-effective 
  • Bespoke plans for multiple machines
  • Can potentially claim the payments as a business expense offering you some tax relief. 

Disadvantages of leasing a photocopier

  • You do not own the photocopier
  • Servicing and maintaining the machines can interrupt service (However we do plan ahead as best we can to avoid this) 
  • The minimum leasing term is 3 years


For more information on photocopier leasing and hiring, or to find out more about the options available to you and your business, simply fill in our quick enquiry form directly below. Alternatively you can call our expert team on 03300 552874, or simply email us at where our team will be happy to assist you.


A typical leasing or hiring agreement is between 3 and 5 years. 

Photocopier leasing is an affordable way of offering multi-purpose printing equipment to the business. Essentially saving you thousands of pounds in upfront payments and future payments with regards to the maintenance and servicing of your equipment as our monthly instalment plans include everything you need to ensure the equipment is running smoothly at all times.

This is a very subject area, as there are several variations that can alter the monthly payment plan. This could be such things as; the number of units leased, the length of agreed term, the unit specification and the level of usage as this will alter the frequency of maintenance required.

Generally speaking the photocopier is still owned by DMC Media Solutions at the end of your leasing term. At the end of your term, we provide you with an opportunity to enter a new agreement, whereby you will be given the opportunity to upgrade the equipment. However, we do hold the right to sell the unit to you at any time during the leasing agreement should it be something you desire.