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Single-Function Printer Lease

Single-function printers can be a highly cost-effective solution for offices that print heavily but don’t have much call for other print solutions such as photocopying and scanning.

Hiring a single-function printer from DMC Media Solutions has many benefits, including affordable monthly payments, unlimited callouts for maintenance and repair, and the option to upgrade and downsize to suit your business needs at any point.

For more information about our single-function printer hire and the 5-star aftercare service that is included, get in touch with the team for a free quote.

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DMC: Trusted partners for top printer manufacturers

We are trusted partners for Ricoh and Toshiba, who are both widely regarded as the best manufacturers of single-function printers in the world. Whatever you need your printer to do then Ricoh or Toshiba will have a printer to fulfil that need. We look forward to finding out what you need your printer to do and then giving you a demonstration of these impressive machines.

DMC Printer

What are the benefits of hiring a single-function printer from DMC?

  • No up-front costs
  • One affordable monthly payment
  • The biggest variety of single-function printers to choose from
  • Printers from top manufacturers, including Toshiba and Ricoh
  • Upgrade and downsize with no penalties
  • All maintenance and servicing needs are included in your monthly payment
  • All toners and inks are included in your monthly payment
  • Safe eco-friendly disposal of your old print cartridges
  • A dedicated team of engineers who answer most call-outs within 2 hours
  • No unexpected bills

How much does it cost to hire a single function printer?

Every business is different, which is why we make a point of tailoring our printer lease packages to suit your unique requirements. Our bespoke and flexible pricing plans mean that we’ll take considerations such as the length of your lease, the type of single-function printer you decide on, and the volume of printing that you intend to do, into account in order to give you the best possible price.

Don’t forget that we include all aftercare for your printer(s) in your monthly payment, so you’ll never have an unexpected printer-related bill ever again. 

If you’re interested in hiring a single-function printer or have any questions at all, you can contact us here for more information.


Our unique single-function printer hire packages

At DMC Media Solutions, we believe that our complete printer lease packages are the best around. Why? Because once we’ve established what printer would best suit your business’s needs, we include everything that you could ever possibly need to keep it and your business running effectively.

Unlimited Callouts

We realised that people were reluctant to call in the engineers because they didn’t want to be hit with an unexpected repair bill. With DMC, that’s all included in your monthly fee, so you can call us out as many times as you need at no extra charge.

A dedicated support team

We have a dedicated support team to make sure that you get the most from your printer lease hire service. If you have any technical questions, aren’t sure how to access a certain function, or even if you want to explore the possibility of adding more printers to your network, we’ve got you covered.

All the toner and ink you could ever need

No more waiting for days for new ink to arrive, no more having to make the toner last until the end of the month – we include all your printer ink and toner cartridges in your monthly payment. We even dispose of the spent cartridges in an eco-friendly way for you! 

Frequently asked questions

Can I send emails from a single-function printer?

A single-function printer means the printer will only perform basic printing duties. It cannot perform any additional functions, such as scanning, photocopying, emailing, or browsing.

What is the minimum leasing term for a single-function printer?

Our typical leasing terms for a single-function printer is between 3 and 5 years, but you have the flexibility within that time period to change your printer specifications as many times as required. Need to upscale or downgrade your printer? No problem!

I’m not great with technology - will full training be provided?

Our team of expert engineers will fully train everyone in your business on how to master all the functions of your printer. If you need a refresher or get stuck then we have a dedicated support team who will be happy to guide you through what to do next. Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands! 

Find out more about how to hire a single-function printer by contacting us today.

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