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Office Photocopier Lease

If you aren’t taking advantage of our photocopier hire package then you’re missing out on some serious benefits. Having an in-house photocopier solution can save you money and time, and can eradicate downtime linked with faulty equipment. 

By hiring an office photocopier with us, you’ll benefit from DMC Media Solutions’ flexible payment plans, the ability to upgrade and downgrade as your business needs change, and the maintenance and repairs service that are all included with our monthly payment plans.

Read on to find out more about our office photocopier hire service. Alternatively, you can contact us here for more information about how we can help your business.

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Dedicated customer service
Improved security
Saving businesses up to 60%
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Increase your output, decrease your outgoings

Businesses can waste a lot of time and money by not having an in-house solution. By having DMC Media Solutions control your in-house copier needs, your business has greater quality control, flexibility, and increased output.

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What are the benefits of hiring an office photocopier?

  • Affordable monthly payments
  • A variety of different office photocopiers to suit your business needs
  • Maintenance and servicing included in the cost
  • Easy to upgrade/downsize
  • No up-front payments
  • Bespoke plans for multiple machines
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How much does it cost to hire an office photocopier?

The cost of leasing a photocopier (or photocopiers) from us will vary depending on your office needs. However, all of our packages are inclusive of maintenance, servicing, and toner, and you can tailor your package as your business needs change, so the price you pay will be infinitely cheaper than if you paid for all of these things separately. 

For more information about our office photocopier hire service, you can contact us here.

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What is included in our office photocopier hire service?

At DMC Media Solutions, we use our expertise to fuse high-quality service with cost-effective solutions for your business. Our office photocopier hire service includes:

Toner Recycling

Toner and ink cartridge recycling

We collect and recycle all used toner and ink cartridges to help both your business and our environment.

Manageable Pay

Manageable payment plans

We operate a flexible pricing scheme and bespoke packaging to help you manage your cash-flow and improve cost effectiveness.

Unlimited Ink

Unlimited toner and ink cartridges

As part of your monthly plan, we’ll replace toner and ink cartridges when they reach a certain level so you don’t have any interruptions to your business.


Unlimited callouts

As part of your package we will service and maintain your photocopier and our engineers will always be on-hand for repair and maintenance services if/when you need it.

Frequently asked questions

Can I lease more than one printer?

Absolutely! We offer competitive packages whether you want to lease one printer or a whole fleet of them. Get in touch to find out how much discount you could earn by leasing more than one photocopier from us.

What happens if my photocopier develops a fault or breaks down?

Your mind should be completely at ease. Your leasing agreement with us includes all maintenance, repairs, and replacements, so if the worst does happen we’ll sort it out asap, you won’t be without a printer, and you don’t get a nasty, unexpected bill at the end.

I have a poor credit rating - can I still hire a photocopier from you?

If you have a poor credit rating, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t qualify for our photocopier leasing solution. We may ask for a Director’s guarantee or some additional finance information, but if you’re concerned about this then just get in touch and we’ll see what we can work out between us.

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