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Get Tax Relief on Photocopier and Printer Leasing

Do you own or operate a business in the UK? If so, you may be eligible for significant tax relief on your printing and copying expenses. DMC Media Solutions can help you take advantage of these tax breaks by leasing printing and copying equipment to your business.

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Save your business money with DMC Media Solutions

When you lease equipment from DMC Media Solutions, you can enjoy 100% tax relief on your lease rentals against your corporation tax. This means that the lease rentals paid by you can be deducted from your taxable profits, effectively reducing your overall tax liability.

In addition to the tax relief on lease rentals, you can also benefit from significant cost savings by using our managed print services. Managed print services can help you reduce your printing and copying costs by up to 60%.

Even if you opt to purchase printing and copying equipment outright, you can still benefit from tax relief in the form of capital allowances. Capital allowances allow you to claim tax relief on a percentage of the value of the equipment you own.

The specific tax benefits and savings you receive will depend on your individual circumstances, tax regulations in your jurisdiction, and the advice of your tax professionals.

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Tax benefits of leasing with DMC

By opting to lease equipment, companies can enjoy full tax relief on 100% of their lease rentals, effectively offsetting their corporation tax. Corporation tax is levied on a company’s profits at the conclusion of their fiscal year, currently standing at 20%. This means that for every lease rental made, the company can seek a 20% tax relief on their corporation tax, allowing them to retain the cash instead of remitting it to HMRC.

  • 100% tax relief on lease rentals
  • Up to 60% cost savings with managed print services
  • Tax relief on capital allowances

Leasing Tax Relief Example

Company A makes £100,000 profit in their financial year and has to pay corporation tax of 20%. So, £100,000 profit minus 20% corporation tax equals £80,000 profit after tax. The tax the company will have to pay is £20,000.

Company B also makes £100,000 profit in their financial year and has to pay corporation tax of 20%. The company also has £10,000 worth of lease rentals for the year. So, £100,000 profit minus £10,000 lease rentals equals £90,000. £90,000 minus 20% corporation tax equals £18,000.

So Company A pays £20,000 in tax and Company B pays £18,000. Company B has saved £2,000 in tax.


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