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A3 Photocopier Leasing

If you need a reliable A3 photocopier, capable of printing material for presentations, marketing material, posters and more, then our A3 photocopier lease service is the perfect solution to your needs.

By hiring an A3 photocopier with DMC Media Solutions, you can select a high-performing A3 photocopier suited to your needs, set up an affordable, flexible payment plan, and we save thousands on upfront costs.

To learn more about our bespoke solutions and how we can help you solve your printing concerns, get in touch and speak to our experts who will be happy to help guide you.

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Saving businesses up to 60%
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What are the benefits of hiring an A3 photocopier?

  • One simple monthly payment for all your photocopying needs
  • Expert advice on which A3 photocopier would be best for your individual needs
  • All associated maintenance, servicing and repairs included in your monthly payment
  • The flexibility to upgrade and downsize as and when you need to
  • All toners and inks included in your monthly fee
  • No upfront payments
  • Discounts for multiple A3 photocopier machines
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Premium aftersales service

At DMC Media Solutions, we don’t believe that your service finishes once you sign on the dotted line – far from it. With our A3 photocopier leasing packages, you get premium aftersales care included. 

All the toners and inks you’ll ever need are provided, all maintenance and repairs are carried out by our expert team of engineers, you can call us out as many times as you need us, and you can speak to our account managers to change your agreement with us as and when you need to.

And the best bit? All of these amazing services are included in your monthly payment.


Why use an A3 photocopier lease service?

What are the benefits of using a leased photocopier service such as ours? This is the most cost-effective way of reducing your photocopying outgoings while retaining the freedom to adapt as your business needs change.

A one-stop shop for all your printing needs

All of your photocopying needs are managed in-house. We’ll deliver new ink, recycle old cartridges, perform all maintenance and services, and give you the best deal around.  

Reduce cost by as much as 70%

By combining all of your photocopying management needs into one monthly payment, you can reduce your photocopying outlay by as much as 70%.

Increased flexibility

If you buy your A3 photocopier then you’ll have to find the money to buy it, maintain it, replace the toner and have the hassle of selling it when it’s outlived its usefulness. With our flexible packages, you have none of those worries and can change your machine at any time without any of the associated costs. 


Choosing the right A3 copier for your business needs

We have lots of top manufacturer A3 copiers to choose from, but if you’re not sure what printer would best fit what you would use it for then we can help.

We have been authorised business partners for Ricoh and Toshiba for many years, and know these products inside and out. We’d be more than happy to have an informal chat with you to find out which of these fantastic machines would benefit your business the most, and what rental package is the most economically viable. 

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need networked or standalone photocopiers?

This all depends on the size of your business and how much printing you do. If your copiers are networked then it makes it easier for everyone to access the photocopier machine, but this can also lead to them being abused.

Can your A3 photocopies print on both sides?

Double-sided copiers can vastly increase the speed of your printing and cut down dramatically on your paper costs. The good news is that we can supply A3 photocopiers with double-sided printing functionality, so if this is something you are considering, be sure to mention it to us.

Can A3 photocopiers staple?

Yes, there are photocopiers available that can staple. This function is usually found in higher volume machines and is perfect if you are putting together lots of booklets or presentations. This in-built function will save you countless hours!

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