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Cut sheet printer lease

Cut sheet printers offer high printing capacity, fast speeds, and excellent quality prints. In addition to having a state-of-the-art printer that will revolutionise your printer efficiency, you’ll also benefit from our 5-start aftercare service. This includes unlimited callouts for maintenance and repair, the ability to upgrade and downsize at any point during your printer lease, and, no payments upfront – ever.

Cut sheet printers offer high printing capacity, fast speeds, and excellent quality prints. Hiring a cut sheet feed printer from DMC Media Solutions has a lot of benefits, including affordable monthly payments, unlimited callouts for maintenance and repair, and easy upgrading/downgrading to suit your business needs.

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Cut Sheet Printer Lease

What is a cut sheet printer?

Cut sheet printers use sheets of paper that are bundled into unattached reams before being fed through the printer. They are often used by businesses that need to publish at high volumes and need a better quality print than that provided by continuous feed printers.

Speed, volume, and quality

When deciding whether you need a cut sheet printer for your business, there are several important factors to consider, such as the print speed, print volume, and the quality of the final product you need to produce.

Here’s how a cut sheet printer compares in these vital areas:

Print Speed

Cut sheet printers average 130 pages per minute. This is far higher than the average office printer, which churns out anywhere between 20 and 40 pages per minute.

Print Volume

Cut sheet printers average a huge 10 million impressions per month.

Print Quality

Continuous feed printers print out at 4800 DPI, which is a fantastically high resolution.

DMC Printer

What are the benefits of hiring a cut sheet printer from DMC?

  • Affordable monthly payments
  • No up-front payments
  • No unexpected bills - everything is included in one monthly payment
  • Maintenance and services included in your monthly payment
  • Unlimited callouts at no extra charge
  • Dedicated troubleshooting and engineering teams
  • All inks and toners are included and empties are disposed of in an eco-friendly way
  • The option to change your agreement at any time
  • Speedy, high-quality machines from the top manufacturers
  • Bespoke options for multiple machine rental

How much does it cost to hire a cut sheet printer?

If you’re considering hiring a cut sheet printer, or are thinking of upgrading your current machine(s), then it’s pretty obvious that printing high-quality images, fast, is integral to your business. 

Where we can help is by managing and streamlining your entire printing operation. First, we’ll help you to choose the cut sheet printer (or printers) that we believe would work best for your unique setup. Secondly, we’ll agree on a fixed monthly cost for you to pay – this will include everything you’ll ever need to keep your printers running at peak capacity, including all toners and maintenance. Finally, we’ll fully train your staff to use your cut sheet printer and introduce you to your troubleshooting team in the event that you have any issues.

Does this sound better than your current setup? Have any questions? Get in touch with our expert staff for more information.

We would recommend only the best printers to suit your business needs. We currently offer the following cut sheet office printers:

What types of cut sheet printers do you offer?

DMC Printer

DMC Media Solutions: managed print services across the UK

We have offices in numerous key locations around the UK, including:

  • Manchester
  • Preston
  • Worcester
  • Glasgow
  • Stoke

If you have any questions about how our managed service plans could work for you then get in touch and we’ll be glad to help. We work with all business sizes, from SMEs to Multinationals, and have lease plans to suit all budget types, so we’re confident that we can find a package to streamline your media requirements.

Frequently asked questions

How efficient are cut sheet printers?

Since more than one paper stock is available from multiple drawers on a cut-sheet device, cut-sheet workflows are far more flexible – and therefore more efficient –  than roll-fed and traditional paper tray printers.

Can cut sheet printers perform other functions?

Cut sheet printers have so many functions that you can literally take finished jobs directly from the output tray and deliver them to a customer. This includes those jobs that might include inserts, dividers, and covers sheets.

Should I choose a toner-based system or an inkjet-based system?

This all depends on what your priorities lie. A toner-based system is far faster than an inkjet system and delivers extremely high-resolution prints. Comparatively, inkjet printers are slower and the prints take more time to dry, but they do offer more flexible printing options.

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