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High-Volume Photocopier Lease

If you find that your business is constantly printing throughout the day or night, then it may be time to invest in a high-volume photocopier. Not only will this save your workforce time and money, but it will also dramatically improve your overall efficiency.

By hiring a high-volume photocopier from DMS Media Solutions, you’ll also benefit from our flexible payment plans, comprehensive maintenance and repair service, and dedicated customer services team to fully take the strain out of maintaining your photocopier.  

If your business consistently needs to turn out high-quality photocopies at a rapid rate then you should seriously consider investing in a high-volume photocopier lease with DMC Media Solutions.

Hire a high-volume photocopier
Dedicated customer service
Improved security
Saving businesses up to 60%
Eco friendly service

High-volume photocopiers from Ricoh and Toshiba

We have earned Trusted Partner status from both Ricoh and Toshiba, two of the biggest manufacturers of photocopiers in the world. Both companies have over 80 years of innovation in designing and manufacturing ever-more energy and cost-efficient photocopiers, so when you decide to lease a photocopier from DMC, you know you’re getting nothing but the very best that the market has to offer.


Full aftercare services included in your photocopier lease

We pride ourselves on giving you the right advice when it comes to choosing a suitable photocopier to lease for your business, but our premier customer service experience doesn’t stop there. A lease with us means you get the following – at no extra charge:

  • A huge variety of market-leading machines to choose from
  • All maintenance, servicing, and repairs are included in your monthly payment
  • Unlimited callouts
  • Flexible plans that allow you to upgrade and downsize and required
  • All ink and toner cartridges are included
  • Collection and recycling of all empty cartridges in an eco-responsible manner
  • A dedicated repair and support team
  • Our own team of engineers that responds to most callouts within 2 hours

A cost-effective solution to your high-volume printer needs

When pricing a high-volume photocopier hire package, we’ll carefully assess a number of factors, including the volume of photocopying you do, the device you wish to hire, and how many machines you need overall.

Once you’re happy with the managed print service you’ve been quoted for, you’ll only make one simple monthly payment for everything – no hidden costs or unexpected surprises. The beauty of a photocopier lease hire from us is that we’re flexible, so if your photocopier requirements change, no problem, we’ll adjust your lease agreement accordingly.


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Single Function Printer Lease

Why choose a high-volume copier?

There are many reasons to choose a high-volume copier, but speed and costs are the main ones. High-volume copiers can turn out up to 200 copies per minute, making them extremely time-efficient. If you’re printing big volume numbers, then a high-volume printer can get the job done so much faster than a conventional copier.

The other main advantage is lower costs. High-volume printers are incredibly efficient in terms of paper, ink, and power usage, so not only do you get the job done faster, but cheaper, too. 

But the main advantage is that despite being able to print faster and cheaper, there’s no decline in the quality of the photocopies that they produce. So, for a print solution that’s faster and cheaper with high quality results, it has to be a high-volume photocopier lease from DMC.

Photocopiers for large offices

High-volume photocopiers aren’t just for printing companies. Large offices often need the capacity that only high-volume photocopying can provide. Training booklets, proposals, powerpoint presentations, onboarding packs, newsletters, advertising leaflets and more are all situations where companies could benefit from the a photocopier lease form DMC.

Our managed print services include everything that you could ever need to keep your printing operations running smoothly and efficiently. If you’ve seen a recent uptake in the volume of photocopying your business is doing, or even if you want to upgrade to a more efficient machine, get in touch and speak to one of our experts for more information.

Frequently asked questions

What is classed as a high-volume photocopier?

A high-volume photocopier is typically a photocopier that is capable of printing 50-or-more pages per minute, as opposed to the 20-30 pages per minute that most standard office photocopiers can produce.

Are high-volume photocopiers more expensive to run than low-volume copiers?

This may have been true a few decades ago, but technology has advanced to the point where these photocopiers are more energy-efficient than ever before. Plus, these photocopiers work at such speeds that they are vastly more time-efficient, meaning your paper and ink costs are reduced, so it’s a win/win situation all around.

Do high-volume printers offer other functions?

Definitely. High-volume photocopiers are some of the most advanced machines on the market, so, depending on the machine, you can expect to see functions such as automatic document feeding systems, stapling, collating, sorting, internet connectivity, in-built security, and faxing.

Find out more about how to hire a high-volume photocopier by contacting us today.

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