Digital Photocopier Hire

Almost all office photocopiers are digital these days. That’s because they produce better quality copies, are more cost-effective and save more space than their analogue counterparts.

You might be looking to upgrade your current office photocopier to digital, or searching for a new print solution - DMC Media Solution are here to help with all your digital photocopier needs. We also offer affordable payment plans, maintenance and service repairs and easy upgrade/downgrades. We won’t even ask for an up-front payment either.

Read on to find out more about our digital photocopier hire service. Alternatively, you can contact us here for more information about how we can help your business.

What are the types of digital photocopier?

There are two main types of digital photocopier: Inkjet and laser.

Laser photocopiers tend to be faster, more reliable and produce higher quality copies. This means they tend to be better than inkjet photocopiers for high volume photocopying in particular.

Ricoh Aficio Printer

What are the benefits of hiring a digital photocopier?

  • Affordable monthly payments
  • The latest digital technology
  • A variety of different digital photocopiers to suit your business needs
  • Maintenance and servicing included in the cost
  • Easy to upgrade/downsize
  • No up-front payments
  • Bespoke plans for multiple machines

How much does it cost to hire a digital photocopier?

This can vary depending on your business size and digital photocopying needs. That’s why at DMC Media Solutions we offer bespoke pricing packages to suit your business requirements.

When pricing a digital photocopier hire package, we consider the volume of photocopying you do, the device you wish to hire and the length of your lease.

For more information about our digital photocopier hire service, you can contact us here.

What is included in our digital photocopier hire service?

At DMC Media Solutions, we use our expertise to fuse high-quality service with cost-effective solutions for your business. Our digital photocopier hire service includes:

Toner and ink cartridge recycling

We collect and recycle all used toner and ink cartridges to help both your business and our environment.

Manageable payment plans

We operate a flexible pricing scheme and bespoke packaging to help you manage your cash-flow and improve cost effectiveness

Unlimited toner and ink cartridges

As part of your monthly plan, we’ll replace toner and ink cartridges when they reach a certain level so you don’t have any interruptions to your business.

Unlimited callouts

As part of your package we will service and maintain your digital photocopier and our engineers will always be on-hand for repair and maintenance services if/when you need it

Who owns the digital photocopier at the end?

At the end of any digital photocopier hire agreement, the device is still owned by the management company (us). However, this does mean that, for the duration of your hire, we are responsible for servicing and maintenance of the digital photocopier to save you time and money.

However, we are able to sell the equipment directly to you at any point during the lease if you wanted to own the device out-right.

What is the minimum leasing term for a digital photocopier?

Our typical leasing terms for a digital photocopier is between 3 and 5 years. We operate a minimum 3 years basis.

What do you need to hire a digital photocopier?

This can vary depending on the business or individual, but generally speaking it’s easier for businesses that have been operating for 3-or-more years to hire. However, there are exceptions to this and other ways to hire a digital photocopier, usually through a Director’s guarantee or additional finance information.

Find out more about how to hire a digital photocopier by contacting us today.


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