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Encompass Managed Print as a Service (MPaaS)

Toshiba’s Encompass Managed Print as a Service (MPaaS) program helps businesses reduce spending, improve productivity, and enhance security and sustainability tools.

But how?

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Printer Solutions

Cloud, Print & Workflow Solutions from Toshiba

The MPaaS program includes a comprehensive security assessment, sustainability solutions, IoT-driven analytics, and support for all devices via their Elevate Sky cloud-based solutions.

This intuitive solution provides efficient and secure access to information from anywhere at any time, which is essential in today’s hybrid work environment.

It also offers intelligent resolutions to improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase security and manageability. With Elevate Sky, you can streamline and automate your print management and document workflows, securely share documents through leading cloud providers, simplify invoicing and fleet optimisation, and integrate with leading document management and workflow solutions.

Printer Hire

Printing Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Our Toshiba-approved experts will right-size your fleet, minimise the burden of managing it, provide a single point of accountability, and automate the toner ordering process. They’ll also continue to analyse your print environment and implement bold new solutions to optimise existing assets and reduce costs.

And with Toshiba’s comprehensive security assessment and cutting edge cloud technology, your business can safeguard its valuable data by mitigating vulnerabilities in device, access, document, and fleet security.

SecureMFP – Industry Leading Security

Toshiba’s SecureMFP approach ensures an end-to-end security strategy at every stage by securing the entire device lifecycle with built-in protection, customisable restrictions, and monitoring for intrusion detection.

Their e-BRIDGE CloudConnect manages fleet security concerns, and their cloud solutions and service tools are hosted on leading cloud platforms with state-of-the-art updated security protocols and encryption.


Save Money & The Environment

But perhaps the most exciting innovation is Toshiba’s ability to provide data-driven assessments to help identify areas where customers can save money and reduce their environmental footprint. Known as the Encompass Green Report, Toshiba tracks and measures your electrical consumption, CO2 production, paper waste, and the number of cartridges consumed. Through this innovative program, Toshiba’s experts have saved customers up to 50% on printing costs.

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