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Spiralling costs are a concern for every business right now, but when that’s combined with trying to be energy-efficient and employing eco-friendly practices it because that much harder. Fortunately, DMC and Ricoh have the solution with the latest next-gen technology that offers all of the above and more.

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Control+ is a cloud-based app that offers secure and efficient print and document scanning capabilities for small and medium-sized businesses. It sits on the company’s MFP devices, reducing wasted print resources and lowering the risk of data leaks or misplacement while improving scanning and archiving efficiency.

Control+ enables tracking, tracing, and reporting of user activity, and supports mobile print capability for all staff. No expensive or complicated installation is required, and all MFPs are securely locked until user authentication with network credentials. You can even scan documents directly to network servers or cloud storage, including Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and O365, for a faster and more efficient document storage.

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Streamline NX®

Streamline NX® is Ricoh’s scalable suite of document management applications that enables global implementation of a standardised intelligent solution in every office. It offers operational cost savings of up to 40%, improved productivity, and streamlined document workflows while still achieving best-in-class security, compliance, and sustainability objectives. This amazing all-in-one application suite simplifies management, monitoring, and control for IT administrators, making it easy for staff to scan and distribute documents digitally, and protecting confidential information with secure document release features.

Print Insights

Ricoh’s Print Insights platform simplifies the collation of device usage data and displays it in highly visual ways that are easy to understand. It works hand-in-hand with printer management software like Equitrac and Streamline and can be integrated with additional software upon request. As a cloud-based business reporting tool, there’s no software to install.

As an example of its incredible versatility, Print Insights enables fleet managers to gain instant visibility of fleet performance, easily identify problem areas and misuse, drive changes in printing habits, make well-informed decisions that reduce costs and waste, reduce environmental impact, and reduce discretionary printing. It also provides comprehensive management reporting in contemporary, user-friendly dashboards, live graphical analysis, and print optimisation down to the user level, making it easy to identify and improve problem areas and misuse.


Ricoh: For unrivalled cost control

As trusted partners of Ricoh, we’re uniquely placed to recommend a printer solution that saves your business the most money while also keeping environmental issues at the forefront of our considerations. Take advantage of our FREE audit which will determine how much your current setup is costing you and how DMC and Ricoh can replace it with state-of-the-art technology and still save you up to 60%.

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