Office printers - Find the best device for your business

Office printers – Find the best device for your business

Are you looking to get printers for your office or for your entire business?

We at DMC Media Solutions provide businesses with cost-effective solutions for their printing needs. We don’t just tell you which printer is best, we assess several factors so that we can help you make the best choice for your needs and your business.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Or Rent A Printer?

We can’t speak for others, but DMC Media Solutions are very flexible in terms of the pricing structure that we offer businesses. Of course like many businesses we have set term durations that customers can pick from. Furthermore the technology and volume of that technology required for your business can greatly alter the price quoted.

Who owns the printer at the end of the lease term?

Generally speaking the printer is still owned by DMC Media Solutions at the end of your leasing term. At the end of your term, we will offer you an opportunity to enter a new agreement, whereby you will be given the opportunity to upgrade the equipment.

What type of printer can I lease?

We have a very unique and loyal partnership with the two best printing manufacturers around; Toshiba and Ricoh. As such, because of the quality that these printers produce, we often find ourselves recommending their products to customers, solely because the technology, quality and costs are the best on the market. 

Furthermore, our extensive range covers every eventuality, therefore, as part of our printing leasing agreements we include; servicing, call-outs for training, replacement parts and general maintenance.

How do printers work?

Like many devices nowadays, printers have several variations, all of which offer different finishes and are all created in slightly different ways. In a nutshell, printers work by converting digitally transmitted images and text into physical copies. This is created by the printer thanks to a piece of software within the printer unit itself, that converts the digitally transferred document into a language the printer can read and understand. Next, the printer produces microscopic dots in order to recreate the information it has been sent to the physical copy.

Advantages of leasing a printer

  • Cost-effective even offering tax relief for businesses 
  • Your monthly payment includes ink cartridges and toner refills whenever you need them 
  • Maintenance, servicing and call out services are all included 
  • No up-front payment needed 
  • Bespoke plans available 
  • Simple upgrading and downgrading process 

Disadvantages of leasing a printer

  • You do not own the printer at the end of the term
  • Servicing and maintaining the machines can interrupt service (However we do plan ahead as best we can to avoid this) 
  • The minimum leasing term is 3 years


For more information on printer leasing and hiring, or to find out more about the options available to you and your business, simply fill in our quick enquiry form directly below. Alternatively you can call our expert team on 03300 552874, or simply email us at where our team will be happy to assist you.


We at DMC Media solutions typically offer three to five year leasing agreements, subjected to the requirements of the company, equipment and purpose.

Scanner leasing is done by the set up as a monthly payment plan which covers the equipment, maintenance, training and assistance for staff when needed.

This is a very subject area, as there are several variations that can alter the monthly payment plan. This could be such things as; the number of units leased, the length of agreed term, the unit specification and the level of usage as this will alter the frequency of maintenance required.

We lease a wide variety of printers for different media and print formats and requirements. This includes: multifunction printers, single function printers, continuous feed printers, cut sheet printers and digital duplicators.