Scanner leasing for hire

Office scanners – Find the best device for your business

Scanners, often something you do not think about until you need it, and normally when you need it, it is either broken, not quick enough or is either too techy or frustrating, because you are working on something built in the stone-age. 

This is where DMC Media Solutions come in. We understand that this is not something that you as a business or your staff should have to think about, and we want to help you, by providing you with a seamless and smooth service, whereby you have the right technology available to you for the task at hand as well as all the assistance you need should you get stuck. 

As with all technology there are a plethora of options available to choose from, as a result, it can get confusing and overwhelming. But, here at DMC Media we offer our guidance, paying special attention to your usage, needs and requirements so that we can recommend the best device for your business needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Or Rent A scanner?

We can’t speak for others, but DMC Media Solutions offer flexibility in terms of pricing and agreed term structure for our scanners. Of course there are several variables to consider, all of which have an impact on the pricing, such as; the technology required and the quantity needed for the business. 

Of course the more you need, the better the price will get, and we go that extra mile, but offering complete packages by coupling our scanners with one or more of the services we offer, providing a truly holistic service.

Who owns the scanner at the end of the lease term?

As the service we provide is for the leasing of scanners, each scanner provided to your business is the property of DMC Media Solutions. At the end of your term, we provide you with an opportunity to enter a new agreement, whereby you will be given the opportunity to upgrade the equipment.

What type of scanner can I lease?

As with most technology, there are several different options available to you. As trusted partners of Toshiba and Ricoh, we promote these products above all others. This is for several reasons, but above all, it is because they are simply the best products on the market, and have repeatedly been so for several years. Their vast range allows you to select from a wide range such as:

  • Flatbed
  • Sheet-fed
  • Handheld
  • Drum scanners
  • Portable
  • Combi

Each has a different purpose and each offers a more ideal solution for specific needs.

Advantages of leasing a scanner

  • Support, assistance and training is readily available whenever you need it 
  • Get the best and most suitable technology for your needs 
  • Cost-effective solution 
  • Maintenance is covered in the cost
  • Get the latest technology 
  • Call out response

Disadvantages of leasing a scanner 

  • You do not own the scanner(s) at the end of the leasing term 
  • The minimum term is typically three years


If you are looking to lease scanners for your business or you are simply looking for more information on our print management services and how they can benefit your business. Simply fill in our quick enquiry form directly below. Alternatively you can call our expert team on 03300 552874, or simply email us at where our team will be happy to assist you.


As with all our agreements our standard leasing terms are typically three to five years. That being said, three years is our minimum commitment agreement.

Scanner leasing is done by the set up as a monthly payment plan which covers the equipment, maintenance, training and assistance for staff when needed.

This is a subjective answer, unfortunately with there being several variables to consider this would be difficult to provide a definitive price. Like everything, there is always a deal to be done, but if you would like to find out what your needs would cost, we advise that you speak to one of our advisers on 03300 552874.

Many businesses benefit from hiring a scanner because it allows them to make flexible and manageable monthly payments without having to spend thousands when buying a scanner out-right.

Also, if you hire a scanner, you’ll benefit from added extras that are included in the lease terms, such as unlimited callouts and repair and maintenance services that you wouldn’t get by buying the scanner up-front.

It’s also worth noting that, for some leases, there come additional tax allowances that your business wouldn’t necessarily receive if they paid for a scanner up-front.

For most businesses, if they’re confident of making the monthly payments over a 3-5 years period, it makes more sense to hire a scanner. Also, if you do wish to purchase the sanner out-right during the lease term, you will be able to do so in the majority of cases.